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Played some more Pilot Academy - When I say played some more - I mean I spent about 2 -3 hours trying to land a 747 in a tornado - Very Very Frustrating. When I finally did get it on the ground safely it gave a great sense of achievement though - It was tough.

There are a couple of real things that bug me though.
When you are tasked to fly somewhere and land aat a runway, you're not given the Runway number so you can't approach the runway from a good vector, instead you have to fly over or close to the airfield to visually find out which orientation the runway is in. Not a problem with the smaller planes, but a major headache with some of the larger passenger jets.

Grumbles asside though, I'm still enjoying this game.
Pilot Academy

Pilot Academy (PSP)

Genre/Style: Simulation/Flight Simulation
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