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Collecting All the Cars

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Spoondog said...
I'm still enjoying this game, Love the racing, and actually love the fact that you can only collect the cars as they appear - Do you blow your cash on that rare mini marcos or save your money just in case the veron becomes available tomorrow and you don't have enough cash to buy it/
The major frustration I have with the collecting though it is that you have to chose a car and then cycle through the colour options to see if you own it!!!! Why can't it me flagged with a set of keys, or a little icon of your garage if you already own that model - I've accidentally bought two of the same car before, only to find I can't sell one back - RAGE - To be a complete collecting nerd I've actually printed out a list of all the cars so I can cross them off!
Gran Turismo 4 Mobile

Gran Turismo 4 Mobile (PSP)

Genre/Style: Racing/Sports Car Racing
Release Date: 01/OCT/09
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