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A Modern Version of Midwinter II

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Spoondog said...
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I'm loving this game, Yes it has it's flaws - but it's just so addictive and mindless - I've spent hours just trundling around in helicopters, jets, busses and of course Rico's parachutes... that he can semingly pull out of his backside at will!
Blowing stuff up and causing mayhem just never gets boring.

I loved Midwinter II on the Amiga way back when - so this is sort of a natural progression.
I highly recommend this game - I've played about 15 hours so far, and I'm only 10% complete - By my rickety maths - this game will take me... erm... a shed load of hours to complete
Just Cause 2

Just Cause 2 (PS3)

Genre/Style: Action/Action Adventure
Release Date: 26/FEB/10
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